Fight doping! - It's just not worth it.

About us

Pure For Sure is a movement initiated by the Professor Arne Ljunqvist Anti-Doping Foundation. The purpose is to increase knowledge and form an opinion about the problem with doping and “unintentional doping" as a public health issue. The dietary supplement market has increased substantially over recent years, and the market today is worth around SEK 5 billion a year in Sweden. Studies have shown that many of the dietary supplements marketed as performance enhancers contain doping substances and other unauthorized ingredients without mentioning it on the packaging. This can lead to unintentional doping.

Pure For Sure wants to inform about the risks so that everyone interested in health, training and nutrition, is given a fair chance to take responsibility for their bodies and what they put in it.

Pure For Sure is developed by Arne Ljungqvist Anti-Doping Foundation.


The purpose of our academy is to educate about doping and “unintentional doping”, but also the better alternatives like food, in an interesting and pedagogical way. The educational material and learning paths are developed and individually tweaked for four different target groups:

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