What is it and why is it so important?

"Since there is a no-refund, no-exchange policy on this body of yours, it is essential that you learn to transform your body from a mere vessel into a beloved partner and ally, as the relationship between you and your body is the most fundamental and important relationship of your lifetime."

Ten Rules of Being Human
Chérie Carter-Scott

Body Fingerprint

A Body Fingerprint is the term we use to describe the collective signs that tells you how your body is feeling. Our Body Fingerprint is highly affected by what we put into our bodies.

How cliché it might sound, well-being and beauty do come from within. Temperament, skin, body language and energy are all things that show on the outside but are strongly affected by how we feel on the inside. Our Body Fingerprint tells us the truth about our body and how we feel, and we need to listen, cherish it and keep it "clean."