Make your wins matter.

We know that there is a need to work with both younger and older generations concerning doping and doping matters. The largest increase of doping occurs outside the traditional athlete arena and today there is a lot of food supplements on the market that contains doping substances without our knowledge as consumers. Thus it becomes important not only to inform about doping but to work with this subject area more in depth and to look at the better alternatives.

This is how you order your material:

You begin with letting us know that you are interested in the material by filling out the form below. When we receive your information we will contact you to place the order for the material.

When the order is handled and the payment has gone through you will receive a link that gives you access to the digital environment that holds the material.

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What does the educational material contain?


The educational material is presented in a modern and innovative digital learning environment where facts and information are presented in various multimedia formats together with a wide range of activities with a focus on both individual reflection as well as group and pier-to-pier learning.


As a leader / coach you can adapt the material to meet the needs you determine exist.


In the leader’s guide that follows you throughout the material you will get useful tips on how you can work with the material in alternative ways.


With the educational material you will also get posters for printing that you can use as a visual aid in the physical environment to raise curiosity and awareness for the material and/or to use in campaigns.

For who is the educational material intended?

The educational material for Pure For Sure Sports is designed for everyone that is active within any kind of sports clubs and associations and can be used as basis to work with a group or in a more individualistic manner. As a leader / coach you can choose to work with the material in a systematic and planned way or you simply make it available for the individual to work through his/her own pace, where and when he/she wants.