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Our Academy

The purpose of our academy is to educate about doping and “unintentional doping”, but also the better alternatives like food, in an interesting and pedagogical way. The educational material and learning paths are developed and individually tweaked for four different target groups:





About Pure For Sure Academy

The material in our educational programs is produced and quality assured together with experts within the subject area as well as leading pedagogical experts.

Professor Arne Ljungqvist

Arne is professor emeritus at the Karolinska Institute for Medicine that has dedicated himself for 45 years to the cause of fighting doping and is today the world’s leading expert in doping matters. He is also the Co-founder of WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) and chair of its Health, Medical & Research Committee. Arne has also chaired the International Olympic Committee’s medical commission and is the founder of Professor Arne Ljungqvist Anti-Doping Foundation.

Carl Johan Sundberg

Carl Johan is professor in molecular and applied occupational physiology at the Institute for Physiology and Pharmacology as well as prefect at the institution for learning, informatics, management and ethics. Carl Johan has also written a number of course literature for high school biology (together with Jarmo Kukka) and factual literature within the subject area.

Maria Ahlsén

Maria is a doctor of physiology, a biochemist and a licensed dietician with extensive expertise in the field. She has authored numerous scientifically based books within this area as well as course literature within physiology.

Göran Svedsäter

Göran Svedsäter is at present head of the program for sport science at the University in Gävle. Previously he has lectured and led research and development at the University in Oslo and been on staff at the department for health education at the university of Trondheim. For many years ha has been a consult for the recruitment and training of international doping officials. He also has experience within the subject area as a doping official for the Norwegian Sports Federation and as an international doping official for several international federations.

Lin Education

Lin Education is a leading actor within the field of education and pedagogy. They have been working with these questions for over ten years and has been part of the journey into digital education since the start. Loops is a digital learning environment developed by Lin that rests on a pedagogical model were goals and objectives together with dialogue and creativity serves as key elements in the learning process.

About the digital learning environment

The material is presented in the Lin Education’s digital platform Loops. Here you will find facts presented in various multimedia formats together with a wide range of activities. If you will be the material within a school context there is also suggestions on how you can work with different subjects to create cross-curricular activities. Do note that you do NOT submit anything in Loops, the activities suggested there is for you to work with outside the platform. If you are interested in using Loops in a more interactive way where you work with the activities answering or handing in your answers directly in the digital environment or if you want to use Loops within your own organisation you may contact Lin Education here.